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One thing is certain. This is a great time to be alive! With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies still in an early phase, now is the best time to get involved and be at the forefront of the future of money. Whether you are a beginner to the crypto world or even more advanced, we should all live by these 3 principles.

“Not your keys, not your crypto” – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Each bitcoin wallet address has 2 keys. A public key and a private key. You should never share your private key with anyone. As a matter of strong crypto security, remember this rule when using third parties like a cryptocurrency exchange or custodial wallet service that controls both keys to those wallets. Best practice is to keep your holdings in “cold storage” also known as a hardware wallet. Trading hubs and exchanges are not FDIC insured like a conventional bank. Use instant atomic swap exchanges but do not leave your crypto sitting on an exchange out of laziness or convenience. Transfer your funds from cold storage when you’re ready to do some trading or entertainment, etc.. then move the crypto back to cold storage when you are done.

“DYOR” – Do Your Own Research – The Internet

The good thing about crypto is… you ARE your own bank. There are no rules and no one can freeze or take your assets unless they have your private key. The bad thing about crypto is … you ARE your own bank! This means you must exercise extra precaution as no one can bail you out for being careless. So, before you fork over your hard earned money or crypto, please be sure to perform some proper due diligence first. It looks like Bitcoin (BTC) is the dominant cryptocurrency so think about that and do your own research before hopping on every bandwagon at the advice of a tweet. On the other hand, with so many truly amazing teams and projects on the rise, don’t be too skeptical and miss out on trading signals or the next great thing that solves a real world problem.

“HODL” – Hold On For Dear Life – Best. Meme. Ever.

From the parabolics to the pullbacks, from proof-of-work to the works of art, we love the ups and downs of the bulls and bears. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are interesting subjects to learn and can even be gateways to other computer sciences like 3D printing, cryptography, IOT, and AI. You can find free crypto education courses online and we hope you won’t stop at that. Crypto is counting on you!

So thanks for stopping by, please feel welcome to browse around our crypto shop… everyone can use a crytpo tshirt or neat little gift for that someone special. We thank you for your support 🙂

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